About us

KOBRA is a strategic alliance of some of the largest like-minded independent packaging distributors in Europe.

KOBRA’s aim is to offer multi-sited European customers a single European packaging solution. Our specialities are in the consolidation and rationalisation of packaging lines, the introduction of standard methods and the minimalisation of environmental impact.

KOBRA gives its customers access to probably the largest stock, purchasing and distribution network in Europe, with the obvious benefits that come from economies of scale.


KOBRA Leaders


We support our alliance members and clients by conducting analyses of and creating concepts for tackling European issues, developing strategies for sustainable growth models in domestic and European markets in tune with global trends and best practices, and promoting targeted partnerships between business, science and packaging stakeholders.

Strategies for Growth
We understand the challenges of operating in European markets. With insights into packaging policy, and on the ground experience in a range of business and ecological environments, KOBRA helps inform and guide strategic planning, assessing risks and evaluating opportunities in packaging. KOBRA works with our alliance members and clients to:

  • Analyze investment climates and develop market entry strategies
  • Identify and evaluate partners and conduct due diligence between suppliers and customers
  • Achieves your goals in commercial European negotiations
  • Successfully navigate regulatory approval proceedings
  • Resolve complex disputes


Capabilities/position & Consult

Position & Strategic Consult

We develop strategies that enable alliance members and clients to raise and preserve their positive profiles while establishing productive relationships. KOBRA Works with our clients to:

  • Craft a strategic approach to packaging management
  • Create unique platforms that positively position their leaders and organization
  • Maximize the value of convening and other thought leadership efforts
  • Develop nuanced messaging and strategic communications plans
  • Manage crises

Capabilities/intercultural dynamic

We serve, work local and think global in european context.

We go beyond offering advice in packaging and regulatory affairs, to provide on-the-ground insights and nuanced understanding of each country’s Unique packaging context and the underlying factors that drive the materials. We equip our alliance partners and clients with the knowledge to make the best informed judgments, and work in close collaboration to develop and implement effective strategies and tactics.

Because KOBRA speaks the language of packaging, and understands the underlying factors that can shape the decision making process, we can help craft the approach and messages most likely to achieve success.

In cases of unfair or improper packaging proceedings we can help determine the best course of action, pursue the most effective means of redress, and when appropriate create greater transparency.


Manage Risk, Maximize Opportunity

We help our clients navigate rapidly evolving market environments and maximize the value of their engagement efforts, to manage packaging risks and secure opportunities.

We specialize in:

  • Strategic stakeholder engagement and packaging industries relations to establish the productive relationships and positive profiles that manage transport risk of packed products
  • Mapping and navigating each country’s unique ecosystems of science, business , and logistics
  • Public-private partnerships to generate value for our clients and support the packaging needs of the country
  • Understanding materials cycle dynamics and shaping effective packaging strategies


Capabilities/creating shared value

In an increasingly interconnected World, companies do best when they simultaneously pursue economic value creation while also addressing packaging needs. an approach that goes beyond ecological responsibility, focused on creating shared value and securing the packaging materials to operate, has become a competitive imperative for the 21st Century enterprise. This requires both creative evaluation of the total value chain and effective engagement and collaboration with science, industry, mid sized enterprises and other alliances.

KOBRA helps alliance members and clients better understand opportunities and achieve positive impacts consistent with their core missions. We work with organizations to develop country-specific and european programs, industry initiatives and packaging partnerships that create true win-win solutions. In addition to facilitating collaborative relationships with private enterprises and industrial sectors players, our team brings considerable expertise on issues of environmental sustainability, economic Development, ethical sourcing and corporate efficient in smart solutions.