Looking for a new member

Looking for a new member in France

We work as an internal part of our client organizations to help develop and implement winning strategies for sustained success.

The KOBRA alliance works with C-levels (ie. CEO and Chairman) in support of our northern European independent packaging distributers and packaging developments. We deliver a unique blend of scientific, operational input, allowing our packaging technology experts to deliver sustainable results fast and efficient.

We are called upon when the outcome really matters, and interacting with the KOBRA alliance is one of your ways to growth, and profitability.

To become a partner

  • There must be no geographic overlap of sales territory, unless it’s agreed on beforehand. And only one company per country.
  • The company should in its home country be a leading supplier in the field of industrial packaging.
  • The member should be a private owned company or like.
  • CEO, owner or manager must be able to communicate in the English language doing the meetings.
  • The setup is aimed to be non profit / non overhead short and long term.

Not meeting the rules above means that a potential member can’t enter.

The purpose of Kobra is to offer potential customers & suppliers a Pan European player, supporting all business partners with a strong network of private owned innovative companies, both being global and local.

  • It’s a defined aim that the individual members should have a minimum turnover of € 25.000.000, and a positive operating profit.

A realistic sales platform for world wide sourcing, aiming to gain purchasing power and visibility to large and small producers with relevance for our shared product portfolio. Areas of relevance;

  • Be attractive to the best producers
  • Shared quality control by import from outside Europe
  • Power by handling development, claims etc., hence the Kobra network will all be able to act as a one group
  • Ability to make parallel import of products which is dedicated for chosen distributors
  • Sharing cost prices knowledge from the same suppliers
  • Etc.