Sealing & Taping

Sealing & Taping

Ensuring packages for delivery and storage are tightly sealed is important for protecting the contents within from dust, dirt, moisture and potential tampering. You can find the ideal packaging tape for your needs within our range, which features other sealing methods such as staple guns and heat and glue sealers too.

Aside from masking, bonding and custom specific printed tapes, we also stock high quality cross weave, premium PVC, gummed paper and printed message tapes.

Other items we sell include:

  • Non-adhesive barrier hazard tapes (Colours: red and white striped, black and yellow striped);
  • Specialist 3M Adhesives (including recloseable fastening systems, cushioning products and many other sealing solutions);
  • Plastic packaging heat sealers and accessories;
  • Printed message tapes (‘Fragile’, ‘This Way Up’, ‘Handle with Care’, ‘Caution’ and more);
  • Staplers;
  • Custom logo tapes (printed with your branding/logo, from just 99p per roll);
  • Glue guns and glue sticks;
  • Industrial carton sealing machines;
  • Strapping and cable ties and
  • Tape dispensers to speed up packing processes.

Using tapes with text and/or an image are ideal for increasing the security of mailed items, since such makes it easier to determine whether a parcel has been opened before it has reached its final destination.